IEEE ICDM Steering Committee Awards

  1. There are two Steering Committee awards to be made each year, unless no qualified candidates can win the majority vote of the evaluation committee. These awards are IEEE ICDM Research Contributions Award and IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award.
  2. The recipients of both awards from the last three years form the nomination committee, with the previous Outstanding Service Award recipient as the nomination committee chair. If some of these committee members are not available to serve, the Steering Committee may appoint replacements for them.
    1. The nomination committee chair, in consultation with all committee members, sends out an open call by July 15 to the data mining research community (via KDnuggets, Cyberchair, DBWorld, and other mailing lists) for formal nominations by August 15.
    2. For the Research Contributions Award, each nomination should consist of the following pieces of information: (a) up to 3 significant publications, (b) how these publications are relevant to the data mining community in general and to ICDM in particular, and (c) the broader impacts of these publications, in terms of citations and practical applications.
    3. For the Outstanding Service Award, each nomination should include the following pieces of information: (a) up to 3 significant service activities (such as running conferences and journals and facilitating data mining research, development, and applications), and (b) how these activities have promoted data mining as a field and ICDM as the world's premier research conference in data mining.
    4. A nominator can be any researcher in any country, with a possible list of endorsers. The nominator should let the nominee know before a nomination is forwarded to the nomination committee chair. A nominee can be an individual or a group of researchers who have performed the research or service activities together.
    5. A nomination for either award can be valid for at most 3 consecutive years until it is either successful or not allowed for a further 2 years before a new submission with new information. An unsuccessful nomination for one year can be re-submitted in each of the following 2 years.
    6. The nomination committee chair, in consultation with committee members, forwards the committee's comments on each nomination with the original nominations to Steering Committee Chair by September 15.
  3. The evaluation committee consists of members from both the Steering Committee and the nomination committee. The Steering Committee Chair organizes a vote for each award by September 30, after discussions on all nominations.
    1. If a Steering Committee or evaluation committee member is in the nomination pool for the current year, this member is not an eligible member on the evaluation committee, and will recuse him/herself from all relevant discussions and the votes of the year.
    2. If the Steering Committee Chair is in the nomination pool, 3.a applies to the Steering Committee Chair in the same way, and the nomination committee chair will act as the evaluation committee chair for the year.
    3. Those members of the evaluation committee who have nominated or endorsed a nomination in the current nomination pool will not be eligible to vote.
  4. Both awards will be announced by the evaluation committee chair in October, before each year's ICDM conference. The award winners will be invited to receive their awards at the current year's conference.

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