ICDM Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee coordinates the ICDM conference series, and maintains the Guidelines for ICDM Conference Organizers. It decides where and when the next conference will be held, and selects the Program Chair(s).

  2. The Steering Committee is uniquely formed to (1) include membership from those leaders who have contributed towards promoting data mining as a field and ICDM as the world's premier research conference in data mining, (2) provide a reasonable representation from different regions of the world, and (3) provide sustainable leadership for ICDM activities.

  3. The Steering Committee meets once every year, at the annual IEEE ICDM conference.

  4. Membership

    1. Membership to the Steering Committee is by the Chair's invitation, and is limited to researchers who are active and energetic in data mining research with an outstanding international reputation.
    2. The Steering Committee should have at least two members from Asia and Australasia, at least two members from Europe, and at most six members from North and South Americas.
    3. Each member is evaluated by the Chair every other year with possible advice from other members of the committee.
    4. Each year, at least two members will be replaced by active ICDM organizers in the past years, the winners of ICDM Outstanding Service and Research Contributions Awards, and/or open nominations from the data mining research community.
    5. Candidates for replacements will be forwarded to all members of the Steering Committee for discussions and votes before the Chair invites them.
  5. Chairship

    1. The Chair is a major driving force for ICDM activities, and must be a strong advocate for ICDM.
    2. The Chair is evaluated every other year, in even years, at the annual Steering Committee meeting without the Chair present.
    3. If the vote of confidence from the biennial evaluation is low, or if the Chair resigns, the Chair will organize an election for a new Chair within a month, and will become a Past Chair on the committee.
    4. A Past Chair will hold membership on the committee for at least three years.

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