Call For Workshop Proposals, ICDM '03

Melbourne, Florida, USA
November 19 - 22, 2003

The ICDM '03 organizing committee invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference. The purpose of these workshops is to provide participants with an informal setting for discussing innovative work in progress on important new technical directions.  Workshops will be held on November 19, immediately preceding the conference on November 20-22.

Researchers and practitioners from all areas of the data mining community are invited to submit proposals for review. The organizers of approved workshops are expected to define the workshop's focus, gather and review submissions, and decide upon final program content. Although the format of the workshop also is to be determined by the organizers, substantial time should be allotted for discussion.

The schedule for submission and preparation of workshop papers also will be left to the discretion of the workshop organizers.  Because ICDM will handle publication of the informal workshop proceedings, we ask that (1) workshop papers be prepared in the same format as ICDM conference papers (Latex style file available here), (2) workshop papers adhere to a 10 page limit (2 pages longer than the conference limit), and (3) workshop organizers prepare the camera-ready proceedings by October 20.



May 15

Deadline for proposals

June 10

Notification of acceptance

October 20


Workshop proceedings due

November 19

Workshops at ICDM '03

Submission Procedure

Workshop proposals should be submitted electronically (in Postscript, PDF or MS Word) to the ICDM '03 Workshops Chair, David Page.


David Page, ICDM '03 Workshops Chair
University of Wisconsin
Dept. of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics




+1 608 265-6168


+1 608 265-7916

How to Propose a Workshop

Proposals for workshops should be at most five pages in length (fewer if possible) and should contain:


A brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshop will address

The reasons why the workshop is of interest at this time.

The names, postal address, phone and fax numbers and email addresses of the Workshop Organizing Committee.  This committee should consist of at least three experts in the field, not all at the same institution.

The name of one member of the Workshop Organizing Committee who is designated the contact person.

A list of previously-organized related workshops by any of the Workshop Organizing Committee.  Previous experience organizing workshops is not a requirement.

A list of potential attendees.

A draft workshop Call for Papers.

A list of audio-visual or technical requirements and any special room requirements.

Potential workshop proposers may wish to look at web pages from ICDM'01 Workshops and ICDM'02 Workshops.

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